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Improving Customer Service

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

For any business to function, customers are an integral building block. One cannot function without the other. The relationship that develops between any business and its customers has an emotional depth to it. This is built over time, an amalgamation of online and physical touchpoints that are established through various interactions.

A crisis puts any brand's relationship with their customers under a spotlight, showing both its strengths and weaknesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it and pushed us out of our comfort zones. This holds true for everyone. Due to the ‘locked down’ nature of this crisis, organizations are finding ways to adapt to a digital and more remote style of conducting business. As a business owner or leader, it is important to help the customers adapt to this sudden change and stressful environment. The biggest challenge is mitigating the impact that the novel coronavirus has on businesses and its customers. Customer service is now more important than ever. Mentioned below are some steps that can help you keep calm and focused on customer service.

Staying Focused

While we are all dealing with a lot of vagueness, it is important that business owners should not panic. If a business comes across as uncertain, that will not inspire any confidence in their customer base. For B2C companies like retail, hospitality and more, customers crave a new kind of CX or customer service. For this ‘new normal’, it is difficult to gain this CX, as customers are unable to physically examine and touch essentials that they need to purchase. It is up to businesses to make their outreach as authentic and genuine as possible. In such times, people want to be understood so brands should take an initiative to prioritize the needs of their customer. Earning a customer’s trust will help forge a stronger connection today and in the future.

Ways to Humanize the Digital Market

B2C companies mostly thrive and prioritize on face-to-face encounters with their customers. The emotions, expressions and body language are cornerstones of these interactions. In times of the COVID-19 crisis, the digital has transcended the physical. Even with stores reopening, there is more focus on online shopping. It is more important to be human across these virtual channels. Being understandable, genuine and patient with customers will make a huge difference. This is where innovation can play an important role in customer service. Businesses can test and develop new strategies of interacting with customers. Feedback is of utmost importance. This will help businesses develop protocols and training techniques for the future. They must consider

imperfections as well. These are uncertain times that will face trial and error, until a good balance has been achieved. Businesses should be transparent in their efforts in putting the customers’ needs first instead of profits.

Building a ‘New Normal’ Together

It is important that both businesses and customers find a common ground through these tumultuous times. Bonds of support are developed between businesses and consumers. Cooperation from both ends is essential to create a ‘new normal’ to help each other grow and thrive.

Customers are the focal point of every business and to have an on-going satisfied customer base is necessary. The satisfaction level of customers is higher by ensuring trust which starts with good customer service. During such difficult situations it is necessary to identify areas of weaknesses that need attention. To target, train and measure customer service frontliners to help customers smoothly.

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